Public Health: Health Policy and Administration

Public Health Public Health

Public Health is a field of study focused on preventing illness and promoting health in individuals, communities, and society as a whole. The Public Health degree at Miami builds on the University's strength in four areas: Human Diseases & Epidemiology; Health Policy and Administration; Public Health Promotion; and Behavioral Public Health. Students will choose a concentration in one of these specialty areas as well as complete a core curriculum covering the fundamental elements of public health. These curricula will prepare students for either graduate school or employment in the field.

Health Policy and Administration

Focuses on critical policy and programmatic issues in public health. The emphasis of this concentration is to examine how public policy impacts the public health delivery system and how administrators work to develop and implement programs in the field of public health.  This track is in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Course of Study (39-42 semester hours)

Public Health Core Courses, 21-22 hours:

  • KNH 125 OR MBI 131 Community Health Perspectives or Introduction to Public Health
  • KNH 218 Applied Health Behavior Change
  • KNH 221 Social Marketing in Public Health
  • STA 261 or STA 301 Statistics or Applied Statistics
  • MBI 361W Epidemiology (satisfies Miami Plan Advanced Writing requirement)
  • KNH 321 or GTY 365 Social Policy and Programs in Gerontology or Health Policy and Administration
  • IES/KNH 441Environmental Public Health

Track Specific Courses, 18-20 hours:

Administration (6)

  • Pol 261 Public Administration (3)
  • Choose one:
    • POL 362 Public Management, Leadership, and Administrative Politics (3)
    • POL 467 Public Budgeting (3)
    • POL 468 Public personnel Administration (3)
    • SOC 454 Formal Organization (3)

Healthy Policy (6)

  • GTY 465- Policies and Programs in an Aging Society (3)
  • Choose one:
    • ATH 448 Developing Solutions in Global Health (3)
    • ECO 332 Health Economics (3)
    • GTY 362 Applied Research in Gerontology (3)
    • POL 466 Public Policy Analysis (3)

Internship (6-8)

  • GTY 440 or POL 340

Host Departments: Political Science (POL) and Gerontology (GTY)
Contact: Dr. Mark Morris, 513-529-9011, 218 Harrison Hall

updated: 6/29/19