Minor in Political Science

If you are not majoring in political science, this minor offers you an opportunity to satisfy an interest, strengthen your degree, or enhance your preparation for a career or further education. This minor is not open to students with a major in the Department of Political Science. Your DARs may not automatically list the minor as satisfying the Thematic Sequence requirement, but it will meet the requirement at the time of graduation.

Miami General Bulletin

Political Science Minor (21 hours):

  • POL 241 American Political System (3) [Take this course first]
  • Take at least one of the following, which are prerequisites to corresponding 300-400 level courses:
    • POL 201 Political Thinking (3)
    • POL 221 Comparative Politics (3)
    • POL 261 Public Administration (3)
    • POL 271 World Politics (3)
  • Additional POL hours at the 200+ level to complete 21 hours. 100-level POL courses do NOT apply to minor, but POL capstones do apply.
  • At least 9 POL hours at 300+ level. Students are encouraged to meet with an adviser in selecting courses and to be mindful of prerequisite requirements.
  • Other requirements: Minimum 2.0 GPA in all POL hours, all POL courses taken for a grade, at least 12 hours applied to minor must be taken at Miami.

updated: 01/01/21