Social Justice Studies Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice Studies (SJS) offers a sociologically-based foundation of knowledge and skills to examine the ideas of justice, realities of injustice, and change strategies to bridge the gap between the two. It prepares students for graduate work, law school, and a broad range of careers in areas including public policy, business, social activism, human services, public health, foreign affairs, and humanitarian relief.


What do SJS Majors do with their degree?

They go to Law School, Medical School and Graduate School in programs such as Social Work, Public Health, School Counseling, and Criminology. They join service programs including Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Urban Teachers, and City Year. They pursue advocacy, activism, and diplomacy through police force training, teacher training, community organizer training, and training to become a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service. They also join the for-profit sector, including accountancy firms, brokerage firms, import/export firms, and defense contractors. The possibilities are endless!


Core Courses

SJS 165: Introduction to Social Justice Studies

SJS 323: Social Justice and Change

SJS 470: Social/Political Activism

Additional hours come from courses involving Logic, Reasoning and Research Methods and  Professional Development as well as electives and related hours from several departments making this a truly interdisciplinary major.