Sociology Minors

Students at 2014 undergraduate awards
 Students at 2014 Undergraduate awards
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 Upham Hall seen from a distance
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Traditional Academic Minor

Our traditional general sociology academic minor provides an introduction to the core concepts, theories, and methods of sociology.

Pre-Professional Minors

Our pre-professional minors help prepare students for a variety of fields, including management, law, medicine, and research. They all provide a foundation in the social contexts and social dynamics of their respective fields, and are a useful and marketable supplement to pre-professional majors. They include:

  • Medical Sociology
  • Business and Society
  • Law and Society


The criminology minor focuses on the social-scientific study of crime and the criminal justice system, including juvenile and adult criminal behavior, policing, the criminal and civil courts, and corrections. This minor is suitable for student in any major. 


For a list of specific courses, please refer to the General Bulletin or contact the advisor, Dr. Ryan Gunderson at 

Ready to Declare?

For more information or to declare a minor, please contact the advisor, Dr. Ryan Gunderson at