Course Waitlist

Waitlists for STA classes are open for the Spring Semester. 

Waitlist Forms

STA 301 and STA 363 are currently using the Banner Waitlist
All STA classes-Use ROR system

Submitting ROR (force add) requests

    1. Login (top right-hand corner of page) using your unique and myMiami password
    2. Find the class you want to force-add
    3. Select  Submit Registration Override Request
      • Rank the sections you are willing to accept (in order of preference)
      • Provide a reason for the request
    4. Select  Submit
      • You will receive an email confirmation that the request was received

        You can submit your request via the Course List .


    • Additional instructions are at the top of the page? Click on the "?"
    • If you do not want to check out the registration request, please call One Stop at 513-529-0001 for further assistance
    Important Requirements / Tips
  • When you fill the form,  tell the truth ; These forms will be checked against your DARS. If you misrepresent your credit hours or your major status, your request will be deleted.
  • We will use your Miami email to contact you with your waitlist request. Please check that email account.
  • Use the comments section on the waitlist to explain anything that needs clarification.

You might have trouble adding IF:

  • You are already in one section and are trying to move to another section. If this is the case, indicate what you want to do in the comments sections of the waitlist form.
  • You do not have the pre-requisite for the class you are requesting.

If you have a hold on your registration , we CAN NOT hold a spot for you. To resolve the problem, you need to log into myMiami (details about who you should contact regarding the registration will be in a red box).