CMSB faculty at symposium

Students interested in the CMSB program should review the research interests of the CMSB faculty below. Any CMSB faculty member may serve as a thesis/dissertation advisor.

Faculty Department PhD Institution Research Interests
Actis, Luis Microbiology Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina, 1982 molecular genetics and cellular biology of bacterial virulence factors
Baker, Rob Biology University of Colorado at Boulder origin and maintenance of biodiversity, specifically plant form and function
Balish, Mitchell F. Microbiology Emory University, 1998 subcellular organization and pathogenicity of mycoplasmas
Blitz, Dawn M. Biology University of Pennsylvania, 1998 cellular, synaptic and circuit level mechanisms underlying selection of behaviorally appropriate motor outputs; neural circuit feedback; neuromodulation of motor systems
Bollmann, Annette Microbiology Philipps University, Marburg, Germany, 1996 eco-physiology of environmentally important bacteria
Bridge, Eileen Microbiology Johns Hopkins University, 1990 nuclear organization of gene expression in adenovirus-infected cells
Carlin, Joseph Microbiology Michigan State University, 1985 molecular mechanisms of chlamydial evasion of immunity
Cheng, Xiao-Wen Microbiology Clemson University, 1998 development of environmentally friendly viral insectasides for control of agricultural, forestry and medical pests using baculoviruses
Crowder, Michael Chemistry & Biochemistry University of Virginia, 1993 mechanistic and structural characterization of metalloproteins
Dabney-Smith, Carole Chemistry & Biochemistry University of Tennessee, 2001 protein targeting and transport; chloroplast biogenesis
Del Rio-Tsonis, Katia Biology National University of Mexico, Mexico, 1996 molecular and cellular biology of vertebrate lens and retina regeneration
Ferguson, D.J. Microbiology The Ohio State University, 2000 physiology of methylotrophic methanogens
Fernandes, Joyce J. Biology University of Bombay, India, 1994 development and patterning of the adult motor system in the fruit-fly Drosophila melanogaster; formation of adult-specific neural circuits involved in new adult behaviors
Finley, Natosha Microbiology University of Cincinnati, 2005 NMR and biophysical characterization of bacterial exotoxins; molecular basis of heritable muscle defects; structural biology
Gladish, Dan Biology University of California (Davis), 1995 physiological and developmental responses of root systems to environmental stresses
Hagerman, Ann Chemistry & Biochemistry Purdue University, 1980 tannins; plant polyphenols; antioxidants
Harding, Paul A. Biology Ohio University, 1994 molecular characterization of growth factors and their role in adipogenesis
Hoffman, Susan M.G. Biology University of Michigan, 1991 molecular evolution in mammals
Isaacson, Lori G. Biology Michigan State University, 1986 neuronal survival: molecular and cellular mechanisms
James, Paul F. Biology Boston University School of Medicine, 1996 molecular biology and physiology of membrane transporters
Janik, James M. Biology Rutgers University, 1990 mechanisms of opiate peptides regulating anterior pituitary function
Kennedy, Michael Chemistry & Biochemistry University of South Carolina, 1989 structural biology; DNA repair; NMR-based metabonomics; x-ray crystallography
Killian, Kathy A. Biology Rutgers University, 1990 adult neurogenesis; brain and behavioral plasticity
Kravats, Andrea  Chemistry & Biochemistry University of Cincinnati, 2013 chaperone assisted protein remodeling; protein quality control; protein-protein interactions; computational modeling; molecular dynamics simulations
Liang, Chun Biology University of Georgia, 1999 bioinformatics; plant genomics, proteomics and metabolics; biological databases and data mining
Lorigan, Gary Chemistry & Biochemistry University of California, Davis, 1996 structural and dynamic properties of membrane-bound proteins and peptides in lipid bilayers
Makaroff, Chris Chemistry & Biochemistry Purdue University, 1986 chromosome biology; protein structure-function relationships
McMurray, Matthew Psychology University of North Carolina, 2011 rat models of decision-making; in vivo electrophysiology; developmental neuroplasticity; neuropharmacology; addiction
Money, Nik Biology University of Exeter, England, 1986 physiology of fungal growth, reproduction, and pathogenesis
Morgan-Kiss, Rachael Microbiology University of Western Ontario, 2000 microbial adaptation to permanently low temperature ecosystems; making links between lab-controlled and in situ research
Moore, Richard C. Biology Pennsylvania State University, 1999 plant evolutionary biology; evolutionary genetics and genomics; duplicate gene evolution; evolution of sexual reproduction systems; evolution of plant development (evo-devo)
Oris, James Biology Michigan State University, 1985 biochemical and molecular toxicology in aquatic organisms
Page, Rick Chemistry & Biochemistry Florida State University, 2008 structural and biophysical studies of protein quality control systems (X-ray crystallography, NMR)
Pennock, David Biology University of Washington, 1986 molecular genetics and biology of the cytoskeleton
Robinson, Michael L. Biology University of South Carolina, 1992 developmental genetics concentrating on lens and smooth muscle development
Schaeffer, Paul Biology Northern Arizona University, 2000 comparative physiology of energetics and muscle metabolism
Schumacher, Jennifer Biology University of Pennsylvania, 1986 developmental biology, specifically cardiovascular development using the zebrafish as a model organism
Shi, Haifei Biology Georgia State University, 2004 physiological and molecular metabolic contribution of adipose tissue to energy balance and glucose homeostasis; sexual dimorphism in regulation of energy balance
Tierney, David L. Chemistry & Biochemistry University of Michigan, 1996 structural spectroscopy (X-ray and magnetic resonance) of metalloenzymes to relate structure to function
Tomoyasu, Yoshi Biology National Institute for Basic Biology, Japan, 2001 analyzing evolution of developmental system using insect wings as a model system; analyzing systemic aspect of RNA interference and its possible applications
Urayama, Paul Physics Princeton University, 2001 pressure effects on biomolecules; piezophysiology; development and application of fluorescence-based sensing and microscopy imaging at high pressure
Vaughn, Jack Biology University of Texas, 1964 eukaryotic gene regulation; molecular development
Vishwanath, Karthik Physics University of Michigan, 2005 spectroscopy of brain tissues; translational biophotonics; hemodynamics; imaging vascular form and structure
Wang, Xin Micro­biology University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2013 metabolic engineering principles to create microbes to suit various applications in medicine, energy production, and environment protection; problems associated with the gut microbiome
Wilson, Timothy Micro­biology Washington University in St. Louis, 2007 --