Three CMSB graduate students pose near Pearson Hall.

Entrance Requirements

For more information on applying to the CMSB program:

Request for Information

Incoming students are expected to have completed a bachelor's degree and to have taken courses in the following areas:

  • general and organic chemistry
  • physics
  • biology courses appropriate to student's interest

Students who do not meet the minimum course requirements may be required to make up any deficiencies with appropriate undergraduate courses or by directed readings accompanied by examinations.

Other Materials

  • letter of interest identifying at least 3 faculty members as potential advisors
  • official application to Miami University Graduate School
  • unofficial transcripts
  • official TOEFL scores, if applicable
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • 1-2 page résumé or academic CV
  • official GRE scores (optional)

Note: Additional detail regarding these requirements is provided in the section below.

Application Procedure

To receive full consideration for the available positions in the CMSB graduate program for Fall term, all application materials should be received by January 15. However, applications will be accepted after that date and will be considered if there are any assistantships available. Screening of applications will begin in late January and continue until all available positions are filled.

Applicants must identify at least one faculty member who is willing to serve as the research advisor. Therefore, it is essential that applicants make direct contact with potential faculty advisors before January 15.

To apply to the CMSB program, you must complete the Application for Admission steps as outlined from the Miami University Graduate School's Admission page. In that application process, you will be asked to submit the following information or documents:

  1. A personal statement. This explains your plans for graduate school, reasons for selecting the CMSB graduate program, and your current research interests and career goals. In addition, it should identify clearly one or more possible faculty advisors that would be appropriate for your research interests and who is willing to serve as your advisor.
  2. A 1-2 page résumé or academic CV that includes prior academic and work experience, publications and presentations, and any awards.
  3. Contact information for three references willing to submit letters of recommendation. The Graduate School will contact these references and request electronic submission of letters of recommendation.
  4. A PDF of your transcript for each institution attended. Unofficial transcripts can be used as long as your name and institution are clearly indicated. If admitted, you will be required to submit an official transcript for each degree earned.

You may include GRE scores in your application, but they are not required. (university code: 1463, subject code, cell and molecular biology: 0206) 

Where applicable, TOEFL scores must also be sent to Miami University. The minimum TOEFL score accepted by the graduate school is 80. (university code: 1463, program/department code, molecular and cellular biology: 74)