Faculty and Staff

Core Staff

Jonathan Levy, PhD

photo of Dr. Jonathan LevyDr. Jonathan Levy is Director of Institute of the Environmental and Sustainability and Associate Professor of Geology and Environmental Earth Science. He administers the M.En. program and the undergraduate co-majors in Environmental Science and Sustainability. His research addresses how to improve our capacity to make reliable and practical predictions of contaminant fate and transport in groundwater systems with the goal of gaining a better understanding of the threats posed to groundwater resources and how to protect those resources. (levyj@miamioh.edu)

Suzanne Zazycki, JD

Suzi ZazyckiSuzanne Zazycki, JD, is the Associate Director for the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability, and is responsible for professional service projects, internships, and public and alumni outreach. Suzanne is a 1992 graduate of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability program. (zazycks@miamioh.edu)

Jonathan Bauer, PhD

photo of Jonathan BauerDr. Jonathan Bauer is an Assistant Professor of Biology and the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. His research is focused on plant ecology, with particular interest in plant interactions with bacteria and fungi and application to ecological restoration and sustainable agriculture.  Jonathan teaches courses in food systems and ecology. (bauerjt@miamioh.edu)

Amélie Davis, PhD

Amelie DavisDr. Amélie Davis is an Assistant Professor of Geography and the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Her professional interests include contributing to research in human-environment interactions with a focus on landscape ecology, land change science, and sustainability. Her expertise lies in GIS and works both in urban and agricultural systems. ​She teaches courses in GIS, urban planning, and sustainability. [davis.amelie@miamioh.edu; 529-0809]

Sarah Dumyahn, PhD

Dr. Sarah Dumyahn is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability. ​Her research interests are on human-environment interactions with an emphasis on social ecological systems analysis. Her recent research focuses on soundscape conservation and management within the U.S. National Park System.​ She teaches courses in environmental science and policy. (harveysl@miamioh.edu)

Tera Ratliff, MS, Research Associate and Lab Manager, Center for Aquatic and Watershed Sciences Laboratory (ratliftj@miamioh.edu)

Lori Libby, MA, Senior Project Manager, Ohio Public Works (libbylb@miamioh.edu)

Gail Burger, Accounting Technician (burgerge@miamioh.edu)

Cathy Edwards, Administrative Assistant (edwardca@miamioh.edu)


Affiliate Faculty

Faculty Department/Program Research Interests
Almquist, Catherine Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering methanol oxidation
Bailer, John Statistics biostatistics, experimental design and analysis, quantitative risk assessment
Berg, David J. Biological Sciences biodiversity, molecular ecology, and conservation of freshwater invertebrates
Blair, Annie Media, Journalism, & Film
Crist, Thomas Biology landscape ecology, biodiversity, conservation biology
Dong, Hailiang Geology & Environmental Earth Science mineral-microbe interactions, life in extreme environments, environmental bioremediation
Fisk, Melany Biology forest ecosystems, biogeochemistry, plant-soil interactions
Gladish, Daniel K. Biological Sciences prairie restoration, temperature, soil remediation, flooding
González, María J. Biology aquatic ecology, community ecology, predator-prey interactions, zooplankton
Gorchov, David L. Biology plant population ecology, population biology of harvested plants, invasive plants
Gunderson, Ryan Sociology & Gerontology
Hagerman, Ann Chemistry & Biochemistry plant tannins and effects of human consumption
Keiffer, Carolyn Biology ecological restoration, invasive plants, phytoremediation, bioremediation
Maingi, John Geography forest wildfires, forest regeneration, global change
Medley, Kimberly E. Geography biogeography, plant ecology, landscape ecology, conservation
Navakas, Michele English early America, Floridian geography, coral reefs
Ornelas, Roxanne Geography geographies of indigenous peoples, sacred lands and human rights
Pradanos-Garcia, Inaki (Luis) Spanish and Portuguese
Prytherch, David Geography
Rech, Jason Geology & Environmental Earth Science
Rypstra, Ann L. Biological Sciences behavioral ecology, community ecology, predator-prey interactions, spiders
Simmons, Michele English
Stevens, Charles Global and Intercultural Studies cultural anthropology in the Pacific Islands and local agricultural sustainability
Stevens, M. Henry Biology ecology and evolution of community dynamics and diversity, statistical methods
Vanni, Michael J. Biology ecosystem and community ecology, food webs, aquatic ecology, watersheds
Widom, Elisabeth Geology & Environmental Earth Science application of trace elements and isotope systems
Zhang, Jing Statistics statistical modeling for environmental and biological sciences