Environmental Science Co-major

The Environmental Science Co-major emphasizes earth science and life science approaches to understanding environmental patterns and processes. Students are prepared to pursue a wide variety of career paths and post-graduate degrees in environmental science, especially those with biological and physical science specializations.

The Environmental Science Co-major complements the primary major, which provides significant depth and breadth in an academic discipline.

Program Requirements (for students who began in Fall 2015 or later)

(For students who began before Fall 2015, please see the relevant Miami Bulletin, General Edition.) The Environmental Science Co-major requires 32-44 semester hours. Depending on your major, some of these credits may also count toward your primary major.

Chief Departmental Advisor

Dr. David Gorchov
Professor of Biology
(513) 529-4205

Combined MEn Program

The combined Master of Environmental Science program allows students to complete an M.En. degree with 1 year of additional study beyond the bachelor's degree, and is available to qualified, tuition-paying students with an undergraduate Co-major in Energy, Environmental Science, or Sustainability at Miami University.