Presidential Preparatory Scholarship (PNP)

The Miami Naval ROTC Preparatory Scholarship provides economically and/or academically disadvantaged applicants with a unique opportunity to earn a commission in the United States Navy.  This scholarship provides you an extra year of academics and military orientation focused on preparing students for NROTC success.

Miami University will provide tuition*, fees, room & board for a one-year NROTC preparation program as Midshipmen Candidates. Provided the candidates meet the criteria listed below they will be awarded a NROTC scholarship for up to 4 additional years to Miami University.


  • Successfully complete a Department of Defense medical exam and NROTC indoctrination training
  • Maintain greater than a 2.8 GPA
  • Pass the Navy's Physical Fitness Assessment once a semester with a score of "Good Low" or better
  • Maintain good standing** within the ROTC unit


  • October 10th, 2022: PNP Applications Open
  • February 10th, 2023: PNP Applications are Due
  • February 24th, 2023: PNP Applicants will be notified if they are selected for an interview.
  • March 1st - March 10th, 2023: PNP Interviews will be conducted.
  • March 20th, 2023: PNP Scholarship awardees will be notified on or after this date.

Academics, and test scores in particular, are not the sole indicator of success. Some students have lower than normally accepted standardized test scores or other academic criteria, and historically these students have limited opportunities to commission through traditional NROTC scholarships. The Presidential Preparatory Programs seek to help these students strengthen the Navy.

Miami University has a national reputation for academic excellence. Success at the college level requires a much higher level of study, self-discipline and hard work than most students learned in high school. Though each Midshipman is personally responsible for his/her own academic success, the NROTC unit will assist by providing mentoring, guidance, tutoring, and other assistance to enable each to achieve maximum academic performance.

* PNP scholarship funds in-state tuition cost only. Out-of-state residents are welcome to apply, but may need to pay difference in cost or seek outside tuition assistance.

** Good Standing is defined as maintaining academic, disciplinary and physical requirements per NSTC 1533.2C - Regulations for Officer Development, as well as, receive a positive endorsement from the Professor of Naval Science.