Outstanding Lawyers Start Here: photo of student participants Miami's 2017 Law Day Fair

COVID-19 and Law School Implications FAQ

Many of you may have questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic, and the responses to it, might affect various aspects of the law school admissions process and law school planning. The COVID-19 and Law School Implications FAQ is intended to answer some of those questions and will be updated regularly with new information as circumstances change and information becomes available. Due to things happening and changing so quickly, if you have applications pending right now, you should not hesitate to contact individual law schools for the most accurate information about their own admissions process.


Did You Know?

94% of 2020-21 senior Miami applicants were accepted to law school (compared to a 78% national average for the same period).

For the 2020-21 admission cycle, the acceptance rate for seniors who enrolled in PLW 401 was 100%, and 97% for those who had at least one advising appointment (compared to 88% for seniors who did not connect with the Center).

In recent years, Miami students have been accepted to top law schools including Harvard, Columbia, New York University, University of Chicago, Pennsylvania, and California-Berkeley. And, Miami remains an important feeder school for top Ohio law schools.

Pre-Law Spotlight: Jessica Chelst

photo of Jessica Chelst"The Sue J. Henry Center for Pre-law Education has been really amazing at helping me discover my interests in the legal field and narrow down possible interests for the type of law I want to pursue. Not only has being a Prodesse Scholar focusing on law and politics allowed me to have special opportunities to further my academic interests, but faculty such as pre-law director Maria Vitullo have been a great resource in preparing me for law school."

- Jessica Chelst, Class of 2022

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