Student Spotlight

Current and former students describe how they came to choose Miami, life as a Miami student, the value of a liberal arts education, their study abroad experiences and internships, and more.

Mia Gordon

photo of Mia Gordon(Class of 2021)

"My first year here was great because I was able to see my parents and older sister every weekend when they traveled to my games. Aside from stressing too much over academics my freshman year, it was a great start to my journey and career here. I’ve learned a lot about myself in terms of what I can do and who I want to be since then."

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Hannah Horsington

photo of Lyric Rains-Bury(Class of 2023)

"If you don’t know what you want to do with the rest of your life when you step on campus, that’s okay. Your timeline doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s, and it’s okay to want something different than what people have always told you or what the norm seems to be. Just focus on you."

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Flynn McClellan

photo of Flynn McClellan(Class of 2024)

"I definitely wanted to have a major in Spanish because I studied abroad when I was 15 in Spain. Then for my gap year after high school I went to Ecuador and Spain again, so I'm almost fluent. Spanish is also the second most widely spoken language in the United States and is spoken in so many countries around the world. Majoring in a foreign language not only teaches me how to speak the language, but also how to communicate effectively with people from different cultures and different backgrounds, which I love."

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Jessica Chelst

photo of Jessica Chelst(Class of 2022)

"I chose Miami because the community felt like a great space, and I liked the small college town feel. I was accepted into the Prodesse Scholars Program as a Law and Public Policy (now Law and Politics) Scholar, which has given me a lot of opportunities to go to law school. I also got a good sense that Miami professors are supportive and willing to meet with me to talk about my interests and help me with any questions, even beyond schoolwork."

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Skyler Perry

photo of Skyler Perry(Class of 2023)

"I visited Miami with my family to dip our toes into the college experience. We took the regular tour, walked around, toured Williams Hall, home of the Department of Media, Journalism & Film (MJF). We got back in the car and I was like, ‘This school is perfect for me.’ My mom loved the school too. Miami stayed at the top of my list."

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Somnia Keesey

photo of Somnia Keesey(Class of 2023)

"When my dad and I decided to take a visit, I just fell in love with the Miami campus. It was absolutely gorgeous and felt like a nice medium between my hometown of Athens. I could get away, see new things, and have different experiences, but also be not too far away from home. It was a nice middle ground."

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Andrew Branson

photo of Andrew Branson(Class of 2023)

"I'm a biology major, but having to dive deep into other material, such as how the foundation of chemistry relates to biology or how I can apply a philosophy course to medicine demonstrates to me how the liberal arts work. Everything seems to combine in a way that I can take my learnings and apply them to my major and career goals."

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Michael Barr

photo of Michael Barr(Class of 2022)

"At any school, there are bumps in the road. But at Miami, I've found my tribe. I'm not sure that would have happened at a smaller school, and I'm not sure I would have felt personally cared for at a larger school."

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Jaycee Streeter

photo of Jaycee Streeter(Class of 2022)

"I found Miami because of their unique arts management program. Once I visited, I was absolutely sold. The red brick buildings reminded me of where I'm from, and I immediately felt like I was at home! I was amazed not only by the beautiful campus, but by how genuine everyone I met on my visit was."

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