FAQ for Current Students

General Questions

Who is my advisor?

To find your faculty advisor's name and contact information:

  1. Log in to myMiami.
  2. Click your Student tab located near the top of the screen.
  3. Your advisor will be listed in the top, right corner.

What if I am interested in talking to someone in a different division other than the College of Creative Arts?

You may contact the divisional office at the numbers below:

  • College of Arts and Science 513-529-3031
  • Farmer School of Business 513-529-1712
  • College of Education, Health & Society 513-529-3133
  • College of Engineering & Computing 513-529-0700

How can I find my Degree Audit Report (DAR)?

Degree audit reports can be printed online using BannerWeb.

Can I become a part of the Honors Program?

Contact the Honors Program to find out if you are eligible.

When should I see an academic advisor?

You should see your faculty and divisional advisors in preparation for each semester's registration, as well as any other times when you have questions or would like to talk about your academic pursuits.


How do I know when to register for classes?

  1. Log in to BannerWeb.
  2. Click Student Services.
  3. Click Registration.
  4. Click Check your registration status and your registration dates and times.

Since I register based on my earned hours, how do I know how many earned hours I have?

You can find your earned credit hours by looking at the Undergraduate Summary to Date section on the last page of your DAR.

What is credit/no credit?

No grade is awarded for a course that it taken credit/no credit. You earn credit by earning a D- or better. If you earn an F, you do not earn credit. Because no grade is awarded, the course is not calculated into your GPA. You cannot take courses for your major/minor on a credit/no credit basis.

How do I drop a course?

If you stop attending a class, it is not the same as dropping it. You must take action to drop the course. Before dropping a course, we recommend that you consult the instructor and your academic advisor to discuss the implications. There are very specific deadlines that dictate the consequences of dropping a course. Dates and deadlines vary between full-semester and sprint courses.

Note: Please consult the academic calendar for official withdraw deadlines.

How can I register for more than 20 hours?

You need to get permission for excess academic hours from the divisional advisor, Gretchen Radler. However, there are specific criteria under which a student would qualify for excess hour permission. Please be aware that excess hour permission is not always granted.

Request permission to register for excess hours

What happens if I repeat a course?

Can I get a grade removed from my transcript?

Once a grade is posted on your transcript, it cannot be removed. If you stopped attending the course before the withdrawal deadline, but failed to drop the course, see your academic advisor to discuss whether you can petition for removal.

How many credit hours do I need to be considered a full time student?

You are considered a full time student with 12 credit hours.

How many hours do I need to be a sophomore, junior, or senior?

  • Freshman: 0-29 earned credit hours
  • Sophomore: 30-63 earned credit hours
  • Junior: 64-95 earned credit hours
  • Senior: 96-128+ earned credit hours

How may I make sure that a course from another university will transfer here as a specific Miami course?

Prior to taking a course at another university, check with either the One Stop Transferring Credit page or the department at Miami that would offer the course. They make the determination if the course is equivalent to a Miami course. You can visit Transferology to determine whether there are courses equivalent to Miami's courses. This will help you predict how the courses will apply to your requirements. If the school is not listed on Transferology, or if you are unsure of the equivalency, consult your divisional academic advisor.

Some of the courses I transferred do not have course numbers designated. How do I receive credit for them?

Sometimes students transfer courses where there is not an equivalent Miami course and the official transcript does not reflect a Miami number and instead will have a T-number such as ARTT06. The T stands for transfer. The transcript reflects credit hours, but those hours are not placed in any category.

Please check with your departmental advisor if you want the courses to count toward your major. If the courses might transfer to the Miami Plan, please see your divisional advisor for assistance. Transfer courses that do not have an equivalent Miami Plan number will have to be petitioned to the Liberal Education Council to fulfill Miami Plan requirements. You will need a syllabus for the course to complete the Miami Plan petition.

How do I declare a minor or a thematic sequence?

Please contact the department that houses the program to declare a minor or a thematic sequence. You should designate on your application for graduation that you have pursued a minor.

What is a thematic sequence?

A Thematic Sequence is a series of related courses (usually three) that focuses on a theme or subject in a developmental way. Each course builds upon or expands upon knowledge or perspective gained from preceding courses. The first course in a sequence may be from a Foundation group and may count as hours in both Foundation and Thematic Sequence requirements. You must complete at least one Thematic Sequence outside the department of your major. Exceptions to this requirement include double majors in two different academic departments. The Office of Liberal Education, 103 Campus Avenue Building (CAB), has a list of approved Thematic Sequences. It is also possible to create a self-designed thematic sequence.

Career Information

Where do I go for job placement or internships?

Each department has individual ways of handling pre-professional internships. Information is also available at the Center for Career Exploration and Success, located in Armstrong Center. You are encouraged to register and utilize the services of this office. Departments in the College of Creative Arts may have an individual faculty member who works with student internships. Internships are normally approved before you would register for them.

Final Exams, Records and Graduation

How do I change a final exam?

You must have the written permission of the instructor and possibly the CCA Dean or Assistant Dean. Please see Final Exam Information in the Policy Library for guidelines.

How do I graduate with distinction?

Effective with May graduation 2012, the criteria for graduation with distinction will be divisionally based. The distinction of summa cum laude will be awarded to the highest 2 percent, magna cum laude will be awarded to the next 5 percent, and cum laude will be awarded to the next 10 percent, with no more than 17 percent being awarded honors. Criteria will be published each June for the following years’ graduation dates and will be based on the three previous years’ average GPA within each division. See Degree, Honors and Distinction for current information.

Note that the criteria for transfer students is based on the number of hours transferred to Miami.

Where do I get a copy of my academic record?

The One Stop in the Campus Avenue Building furnishes official transcripts. Transcripts are $8.00 per transcript when ordered online or via a written request sent by postal mail. Immediate transcripts are $12.00. Identification is required.

Current students may access and print an unofficial transcript through BannerWeb.

What happens if I don't complete an Incomplete?

It remains on the record as an "I" until the end of the following semester when it converts to an ‘F’. The College of Creative Arts has an Incomplete Agreement that should be negotiated between you and your instructor before the Incomplete is assigned. A copy of this agreement should be in your academic file.