Lecture Series

female student working on model in studio
male student drawing at desk with model in front of him
 five students having a discussion in studio
 Viewed from behind, a female student is looking at her drawings on her desk
 close up image of male student working on his building model
 five students meeting with professor Blake and professor Patrizio discussing work on a laptop
 A triptych view of 3 different students working on architectural projects. A man leans close over a drawing board and uses a straightedge to draw a line. A hand dips a paintbrush into a color, with other supplies covering the table. A woman presses a finger on top of the roof of a building model she is working on.
 Viewed from behind the chair, a seated woman holds up a section of an architectural model and studies it intently, Other pieces and tools for the model are on the table in front of her.
 close-up view of hands cutting a piece for a model. On the worktable are scraps of material and a bottle of glue on its side
A woman leans in close to a drawing that she is working on

The Department of Architecture + Interior Design organizes lectures in bringing innovative voices in architectural practice and education to create a holistic dialog about critical work of architecture within our community. The lectures are free and open to the public.

Fall 2019 Lecture Series

All Fall 2019 lectures will be held at 4pm, Room 1, Alumni Hall

Susan Piedmont-Palladino, Maxfield Lecture, "How Drawings Work: a User-Friendly Theory"

Wednesday, September 11

Razvan Voroneanu, "Recent Work"

Monday, September 23

Annabel Downs, "From a Roman Temple to the London Olympics, what can we learn from Landscape Architecture?"

Monday, September 30

Guido Hartray and Danielle Haynay Cerone, "city in the building"

Monday, October 21

Drew Nieman and Steve Nilles, “Different Paths to the Same Point”

Monday, November 4

Timothy McDonald, "Onion Flats and The New Gravity"

Monday, November 18