Mission and Goals

Making of Theatre

Our Mission

The Department of Theatre is committed to developing passionate, creative thinkers with artistic vision through a program of study that emphasizes the interplay between critical thinking and artistic practice.

We situate ourselves within a strong liberal arts tradition, celebrate its interdisciplinary resources, and encourage multiple connections to our surrounding communities.

We enable and require our students to study, test and explore theatrical practice, cultural contexts, and the ethical and social concerns of art makers in a plural and global society.

We are committed to helping our students identify and develop their own personal strengths, provide them with the tools to realize their potential, and embrace the challenges of independent thinking, global awareness, and artistic and scholarly passion.

Our Goals

Engage students in the discovery of a creative vision through the process of developing skills in the collaborative art of theatre and performance.

Engage in the practice and study of theatre and performance for a deeper understanding of one's self and respect for the complex identities of others, their histories, and their cultures.

Promote the full range of human understanding and experience in thinking about moral and ethical questions by engaging in the study and creation of theatre.

Celebrate the expression of the human spirit through the creative process of theatrical production.