Students creating play with heading Explore, Engage, Create Students creating play with heading Explore, Engage, Create

Theatre takes us to new worlds. Introduces us to extraordinary characters. Helps us better understand our own feelings and those of the people around us. Theatre nourishes our souls.

Miami's theatre degrees are ideal for anyone who loves the potential of theatre, and wants to explore all that goes into making theatre with meaning. We emphasize the skills integral to making theatre: creative problem solving, risk taking, collaboration, and cultural awareness. And we provide solid foundations in skills of specific theatre artists, including actors, directors, technicians, designers, stage managers, dramaturgs, and playwrights. Study theatre at Miami, and you might uncover talents you never knew you had!

Our courses introduce you to a wide range of theatrical voices and perspectives, and ask you to actively engage in making the world a better place through the development of your own unique theatrical vision and personal aesthetic.

Opportunities to create theatre are integral to our degrees, with credit offered for traditional theatrical experiences and for the development of new or devised work. Through the study and practice of theatre, we strive to develop creative thinkers with artistic vision, continually exploring the relationship between critical thinking and artistic practice.

BA in Theatre


  • Theatre Arts
  • Dance
  • Music Theatre (with tracks for theatre majors, music majors, and non-majors)

Thematic Sequences

  • Modern Theatre and Drama
  • Theatre Design and Technology