Study Abroad: London Theatre

The street in London's West End Theatre district, with a marquee for Les Miserables visible

The world of theatre is wide and diverse, and what better way to explore it than study abroad? Experiencing another culture is a fantastic creative trigger and a memorable personal event.

London Theatre

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  • The Department of Theatre offers the program during even numbered winter terms. The next offering is planned January 2024.
  • London Theatre is open to theatre major and non-majors, undergraduate and graduate students, Miami and non-Miami students. No prerequisites are required; however, permission of the program director is required.
  • Explore the rich tradition and contemporary diversity of theatre in London and the historical, cultural and critical context from which they spring.
  • Travel to London—home to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, The Royal National Theatre, and the West End (London's famous theatre district).
  • Attend performances, think critically about them, and learn about styles of dramatic expression particular to Britain's theatrical present and past.
  • Tour important cultural and historical sights both in and beyond London. Possibilities include Oxford, Cambridge, and Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon.


Live and study at Florida State University's Theatre Academy London, within walking distance of London's West End. The Theatre Academy London faculty and staff, along side Miami University professors, work to provide students with learning opportunities that take advantage of the location and the invaluable professional relationships developed over the years.

Location and Housing

Housing is in student apartments at London Study Centre, 98 Great Russell Street or at similar housing within easy walking distance of the Centre. Classes are also held at the Centre.


THE 494/594, London Theatre, is an exploration of contemporary theatre in London and gives students the opportunity to attend performances and think critically and meaningfully about them.

Academic Benefits


  • Of particular interest to non-theatre majors is that the program can count as a thematic sequence OR as fulfillment of Miami Plan IIIA, Study Abroad.
  • If taken as a thematic sequence, the program also yields three credit hours toward one of the Miami Plan Foundations, like IIA, Fine Arts or IIIA, Study Abroad.

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Theatre majors and minors

  • For theatre majors and minors, participation in the program can fulfill six credit hours toward their degree program in Category A (studio classes) and/or Category B (theatre history/dramatic literature classes), AS WELL AS satisfy the requirements for Foundation IIIA, Study Abroad.


For information on the London Theatre program, contact Lewis Magruder