Show Auditions

Auditions for Spring Semester 2017 Shows

If you're looking for information about auditioning into the Department, visit our Admission page»

NOVEMBER 1 & 2 from 6pm-10pm, Hiestand Hall Room 100. 

Room 207 will be used as a warmup, holding area during that time as well.

Callbacks will happen

  • For BLISS: November 3rd from 6-10 pm in Hiestand 207
  • For WILD PARTY: will be Saturday, November 5 from 1:30 - 5 in Hiestand 100, and will include a dance call

To audition, sign up in advance for a block of time. Sign-ups are available now on the Call Board in the Center for Performing Arts, adjacent to the Green Room (CPA144). Report to the lobby outside of Hiestand Hall Room 100 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time, and the friendly audition assistants will help you out!


BLISS (or, Emily Post is Dead!)
by Jami Brandli

Performance Dates: February 22-25 at 7:30 p.m. February 26 at 2 p.m.

A domestic comedy set in 1960 in North Orange, NJ, where Clytemnestra and Medea, housewives with a pill addiction along with Antigone, the teenage girl next door, look to Emily Post for advice. Working girl Cassandra then arrives in the neighborhood, only to interrupt their routines and question their collective fates.

Casting 4 women, 2 men

Book, Lyrics, and Music by Andrew Lippa

Performance dates: April 20-22 at 7:30 p.m; April 23 at 2 p.m.; April 26-29 at 7:30 pm; April 30 at 2 p.m.

Adapted from a book-length poem written in and about the Roaring Twenties, The Wild Party is a musical that tells the story of one wild evening in a Manhattan apartment. Central characters Queenie and Burrs throw a party to end all parties with an assorted guest list of vaudevillians, hookers, and a handsome stranger who offers Queenie the hope of a less tawdry life.

Casting 6 women, 8 men, plus ensemble

Independent Artist Series
The independent artist series as a collective is a student centered project that provides opportunities for presentation of student work that wouldn't or couldn't be produced in the overall mainstage season.  It is an outlet for experimentation with form and format with faculty support, but produced and created by and for the students.

The Latest Show by David Devita

This bloody concoction of a play takes place during the rehearsal of a network late-late-night TV program episode. News erupts that the Prime Time slot has become available after the Carson/Leno esc-character retires. It’s a chance to prove that the Host deserves the position, but what happens when things don’t go to plan? A cast of characters keep this machine churning and burning until the actual live-taping of the episode when the audience experiences the duality of also being the live-audience, no longer able to hide behind the fourth wall.

 A cast of ten, various sexes

Blu by Gloria Bond Clunie

Told from the viewpoint of a victim of bullying’s older brother, this play provides perspective of the victim, family, bystander, and parents in bullying scenarios.  Inside Blu’s room, his/her brother and friends search for Blu’s missing journal.  In their quest they find much more. As Blu’s story unfolds, his/her world is taken from the bright color of life to the darkened, gray doom of despair as he/she becomes a victim of the societal pressures in his/her institutional environment.  Told at the intersection of two worlds, the play offers the opportunity for the audience to see the bullying problem from multiple perspectives and to make connections to the direct and indirect effects of bullying on the world around us.

6 roles total, various sexes

Mac’s Worlds by Jeffrey K Miller

Inspired by a forum play written by the 5th Grade Students at Hawthorne Elementary School in Louisville, KY in conjunction with Looking for Lilith Company.

Synopsis: This play will be a forum-based workshop. The full details of this workshop are still in planning, but we would use the script to start a dialogue with youth about bullying in their real-life communities and scenarios.

5 roles, 3 F, 2 M or F

The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland
By John Woods and David Haynes

An originally devised piece that explores ethical representation of Schizophrenia in hopes of minimizing associated stigma and promoting understanding.  We are invited into the present, where we observe Richard’s interactions with his psychologist as he is treated for Schizophrenia and ten years in the past, where we join Richard, his younger brother Rupert, and their mother in Richard’s childhood home as the children watch as their mother experiences her Schizophrenic symptoms.  This piece explores family dynamics, groundbreaking tactics of representation, and shares the experience of mental illness. 

3 M, 1 F

How to Prepare


A  one minute monologue in a high style with vocal range, preferable comedic (plays by Noel Coward, Oscar Wilde, or Christopher Durang for example)


  •  A one minute monologue you feel fits the style content and/or mood of Wild Party
  •  32 bars from a song in the style of Wild Party. Music for the 32 bars is due by arrangement with accompanist Janice Murray at, if auditioning for Wild Party.
  • Additionally, these sides should be prepped for callbacks:

Queenie- a verse and refrain of "Raise the Roof" AND the end of "How Did We Come to This?"

Burrs - a verse & the end of "What is it about Her"

Kate - a verse & refrain of "Look at Me Now"

Black - the end of "I'll Be Here" and probably vocalize a few higher notes

Madelaine - verse & refrain of "An Old Fashioned Love Story"

Eddie & Mae and the rest can bring their original audition songs.

2 copies of each play are available for check out in the Amos Music Library. Sides for call backs will be available later this week, though you are encouraged to find and copy sides as well.

If you have questions, please contact Saffron Henke.