Show Auditions

Auditions for The Flick (Fall Semester 2017-18)

If you're looking for information about auditioning into the Department, visit our Admission page»

When and Where

Friday, May 5th from 6 p.m.-10 p.m.

Callbacks will be on Saturday, May 6th from 3 p.m.-7 p.m.

Report to Hiestand Hall, Room 100 for your audition!

How to Sign Up

A sign up sheet with 5 minute and 10 minute time slots is posted on the Theatre Department Call Board in the Center for Performing Arts, adjacent to room 144 (the Green Room). Sign up for one of these times.

What to Prepare

The first step in preparing is to read the play! There are three copies of the script on reserve in Amos Music Library in the Center for Performing Arts.

You may prepare either a scene or a monologue, or both a scene AND a monologue. In all cases, materials should be prepared but does not need to be memorized. The director will be looking for preparation, commitment, and strong choices. She would like to see 1-2 minutes of monologue and 3–5 minutes of scene work that has been well prepared.

MONOLOGUE: Please sign up for a 5-minute slot if doing a monolog only. Prepare a 2-minute cutting of a monologue taken from one of the following monologues from the show:

  • ROSE: Page 51-54,  the astrology section...“Sam and Avery, I’m gonna read your compatibility” through “That is awesome you guys”
  • AVERY: Page 63 “Oh! I finally remembered one of my dreams – Okay. Um.” (after the long pause)
  • SAM: Page 104-106 “I brought tamales into the theatre”  through “to anyway this lady sits down” (cut the Sam and Avery lines on page 105)

SCENE or SCENE AND MONOLOGUE: choose a scene partner and sign up for a 10-minute audition slot. Prepare one of the following scenes with your partner, and each partner may perform one of the above monologues:

  • SAM / AVERY: page 58 “Do you find Rose attractive?” through “I’m gonna go look in the bathroom”
  • AVERY /ROSE: pages 82-89 “You wanna get stoned?” through "cuz you’re so obsessed with it” – p 89
  • SAM /ROSE: pages 119-126 “Why’d you show Avery how to use the projector?”

If you have questions, please contact Saffron Henke.