Logo announcing the 2020 Digital Fringe Festival

Miami University Digital Fringe Festival

Our 2020 Slate

Look for show details over the next few weeks! The name listed next to the project is the one creating, leading the creation, or championing the work for inclusion.

Created Equal, Meggan Peters

Music Together Apart, Sam Terribilini

All We Do, Hannah Beddard

On the Nile, Nate Wilkens

Squared, Ashley Goos

Miami University Theatre Web Series, Torie Wiggins

From the Many, Tyler Creech

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Vanishing Ring, Maddy Shilts

Gathering at the Poet Shack, Gion DeFrancesco, with Ben Nicholson and Artie Kuhn

Walk with Us: A Walking Theatre Project, Julia Parker

A Conversation with Women in STEM, Micki Smolenski

A Time for Bed, Olivia Gorom

Archive Record 62, Laura Smith

on rerun, Joanna Hollern

The New Wave Radio Drama Series, Kyle Carson

This Water Cuts Its Own Course, Diane Fellows

Across the Courtyard, Hailey Ardell

Lifetimes, Maia Aoibheil

The Possibilities We Dwell In, Trish Grogan



Innovation and community are needed now more than ever. Unconventional times call for unconventional art, so MUT is going Fringe!

We'll be presenting 19 brand new works, most created by students exclusively for the occasion. Short films, digital installations, radio plays, dance pieces and more. A few events will be live, but all streamed and accessible right here, over digital media, to keep our artists and audiences as safe as possible.