FREE & OPEN TO ALLAugust 27-December 14, 2019

Douglass Gallery

This exhibition takes a look at the characteristics and artistic qualities of woodcut and wood engravings from a survey of prints in the Art Museum’s collection. The exhibition highlights the nuances of wood planographic prints, including materials, tools and techniques first used in China nearly 1,400 years ago, which reached international popularity in the 15th through the 18th centuries.

McKie Gallery

In 2013, the Miami University Art Museum received a gift of approximately 125 ancient ceramic oil lamps and an assortment of small vessels from the collection of Harvey and Deborah Breverman. The exhibition of ancient objects produced between 1000-900 BCE through the 15th century will explore the production, historical typology, iconography, cultural references and the evolution of these ancient ceramics.

Farmer Gallery

This exhibition is an exploration of funerary practices, and religious and cultural beliefs, found in many world cultures in celebration and commemoration of the departed. This exhibition, consisting of approximately 40 objects from the MUAM collection, represents diverse cultures, including ancient Egyptian, ancient Roman, ancient Etruscan, ancient Greek, Pre-Columbian and Nigerian.