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Explore online versions of prior Art Museum exhibitions here:

Art History at a Glance - Ongoing

This is an online version of the ongoing exhibition, Art History at a Glance. Visit the exhibition and these works from our permanent collection live and in person when our galleries are open and enjoy them online here.

Miami Interconnected: Land, Identity, Community - Fall 2022

Returning this semester, now taking place during Fall, is the Student Response Exhibition (SRE). Open to all Miami University students, of any year, major/minor, this eighth SRE is connecting students with the complex theme of Sovereignty. Interconnected: Land, Identity, Community is developed in collaboration with the Myaamia Center at Miami in association with the 2022-2023 FOCUS theme of Tribal Sovereignty. In Interconnected, sovereignty includes inherent and retained political rights and cultural integrity. Three key factors in maintaining Tribal Sovereignty are land, identity, and community. This theme, which was broadened for students to allow for wider contextualization, is also connected with the 50th anniversary of the relationship between the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Miami University.

Department of Art Faculty & Alumni Exhibition - Fall 2021

After a year and a half of limited viewing, Miami University Art Museum opened its doors fully for this quadrennial exhibition without the need to make a reservation so that art lovers can again freely engage with art in person. Also without reservation, faculty (current and emeritus) along with alumni had been busy creating new works and conducting original research for their contributions to this exhibition. Some artists and scholars responded to the world-wide pandemic, while others sought refuge through an introspective lens or reflected on the impact of other external forces. Not only does this represent the diversity of featured works, but also the very nature of artistic and scholarly creation – a response. 

Miserere: Rouault's Plea for Mercy - Spring 2021

The Great War (1914-1918), otherwise known as World War I, prompted many European artists to respond to the horrors of the war. Some artists produced demonstratively emotional and physical anguished imagery to illustrate the true nature of the war. For Georges Rouault (French, 1871-1958), the emotional and artistic expression of misery reflected personal meditations, reflections, and religious beliefs. Rouault made his acclaimed series Miserere between 1918 and 1927 based on drawings that he began in 1914 shortly after the outbreak of the Great War. His series of 58 etchings are a dark and personal pronouncement of the artist’s anxiety over the ills of a society inflicted by war.

Sacred Songs - Spring 2021

For more than a thousand years music alongside prayer has played a key role in services among many Christian orders. Prayers were given melodies that led to songs incorporated in daily rituals for clergy. Many people today are familiar with Gregorian Chant, one of the earliest examples introduced in the Medieval period. In time, clergy presented songs to parishioners as a part of mass and other religious festivals.

Broadsides & Calaveras: Jos Guadalupe Posada - Fall 2020

In 2014, the Miami University Art Museum purchased a collection of 25 broadsides illustrated by Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913). Featured in this exhibition are 18 of these pieces. It is estimated that Posada produced more than 20,000 illustrations during his 42-year career.

Chasing Light: Black and White Photography - Fall 2020

Chasing Light is a photographic arts exhibition co-curated with Miami University photographers and faculty, Scott Kissell, Jeff Sabo, Ron Stevens and Jon Yamashiro. The exhibition is presented in association with the Cincinnati-based photography initiative, FotoFocus 2020 a series of exhibitions and presentations. The FotoFocus theme of Light & inspired an exploration of how photographers look for and use light specifically in black and wite photography.

Rebuilding European Tourism: Travel Posters and the World Wars - Fall 2020

Prior to World War I (1914-1918), tourism brought much notoriety and prosperity to European cities and towns. Europe was left in shambles after the war and faced an uphill battle of rebuilding. Promoting travel to foreigners during the 1930s helped bring about a return to the hustle and bustle of life. At the heart of such activities was the production and distribution of travel posters.

Myaamia Ribbonwork - Spring 2020

Myaamia Ribbonwork is curated in the voice of Myaamiaki ‘Miami Indian’ people. Our nation, the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, is centered in northeast Oklahoma but we have ongoing connections to our historic homelands in the Lower Great Lakes region. Due to our history of forced removal and dislocation, our 5,500 Myaamia ‘Miami’ citizens live in all fifty states.

Desire, Conflict, & Exchange - Fall 2019

Desire, Conflict & Exchange: Art of 19th Century East Asia and the West is the culminating work of the 2019 Art & Architecture History Senior Capstone (ART498) seminar taught by Dr. Michael Hatch.

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