Advance/Retreat: Prints and the Great War

January 26-May 13, 2017

Many artists during the time of the Great War reflected on personal experiences in order to come to terms with the war or to provide unique commentary on the war and the social climate of the time. Other artists sought refuge from the emotional toll of the war as they looked introspectively and created art with no connection to wartime rhetoric.

These themes are the essence of Advance / Retreat: Prints and the Great War, an Art History Capstone exhibition developed in collaboration between the Art Museum and the Art & Architecture History Program at Miami University. Under the guidance of Professor Pepper Stetler (Art History) and Art Museum staff, senior Art & Architecture History Capstone students spent the Fall 2016 semester curating this exhibition of prints from the Art Museum’s permanent collection. The Capstone offered students a crash-course in museology, including instruction in curatorial, collections, education and marketing practices by the art museum staff.

Senior Capstone Exhibition Students

The Art History Capstone (ART498) with Dr. Pepper Stetler

  • Aaron Brown-Ewing
  • Allison Dykes
  • Bridget Garnai
  • Catherine Hanley
  • Rebecca Hughes
  • Josh Perry
  • Raechel Root

Exhibition Programming

Advance/Retreat: Prints and the Great War
Art History Capstone Gallery Talk

Wednesday, February 15

6:00 pm Reception / 7:00 pm Gallery Talk

Dr. Pepper Stetler, Kate Hanley, Allison Dykes, Bridget Garnai, Rebecca Hughes, Raechel Root, Aaron Brown-Ewing and Joshua Perry

What is it like to create a museum exhibit? Hear seven senior art history majors discuss favorite prints and experiences from their capstone exhibition, Advance/Retreat: Prints and the Great War. Student-curators will also lead a discussion about how the exhibition's theme relates to our contemporary political moment.

Dark mottled photographic background. Text: Advance Retreat. Prints and the Great War. January 24-May 13, 2017.

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