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At Miami University, we believe the arts have the power to transform the world around us and contribute to contemporary problem solving on a global scale. US Arts and Culture is a $730 billion industry representing more than 4.2% of the nation’s GDP. In order to thrive in the creative economy and the gig economy, today’s artist must take control of their futures by combining artistic practice, business savvy, and the entrepreneurial mindset and process. The Arts Management & Entrepreneurship Program at Miami University prepares future artists and arts leaders by providing the necessary skills for connecting artistry, arts management, and arts entrepreneurship across disciplines.

Did you know the arts and culture industries account for 4.2 percent of the GDP, 4.1. million jobs, 750 billion dollar industry

Student Spotlight

Caroline Avolio

Caroline Avolio

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Academic Level: Junior
Expected Graduation Date: May 2019
Majors: Theatre
Co-Majors: Arts Management

"In our classes, we rarely discuss hypothetical situations—we read and analyze real arts organizations’ tax forms, we help to rebrand currently-operational, local theaters, we develop our own entrepreneurial ventures and create real, online platforms on which for them to live. It’s rare to have such experiences before entering the workforce, and it’s been incredibly beneficial to have learned about these things while still in school."

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Students in the News

Students and faculty pose in the US CapitolOn March 13, CCA faculty and students participated in the 31st Arts Advocacy Day in Washington, DC. Read about their efforts to lobby Senators and Congressional Representatives in support of a variety of arts-based initiatives.