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the arts are for everyone!

Majoring in business, psychology, or engineering does NOT mean that you have to give up the instrument you loved to play in high school—or stop singing, dancing, or creating. Any student at Miami can audition for a musical ensemble, work backstage on a play, or take a ceramics class.

The College of Creative Arts (CCA) and its related student organizations provide a variety of opportunities for students of ALL MAJORS to participate in an art-related class or activity. So channel your creative side and...

come play with us!

Share Your Ideas & Creativity!

Design sophisticated stunning scenery...enter a juried art exhibition. You'll never run out of ways to follow your passion!

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What arts were you involved with in high school?

Poll results: most students participated in theater, the second largest group played a musical instrument followed by voice, visual arts, and lastly dance

Source: Students from incoming Class of 2019

In a given semester, more than


of all Miami students participate in a music ensemble or performance group

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50+ arts-related orgs

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photo of various students from all majors participating in arts-related activities with organizations.
Nick Chagin

President, Open Fifth a cappella group
Class of 2016
Major: Political Science
Minor: Business Legal Studies

“Out of any organization I’ve been part of, out of any club, Open Fifth is by far the closest and most friendship-based group. You know, many organizations are just based around the activity itself, and don’t focus on the relationships that it can come out of it...I think so highly of everyone in the group, but it’s an organization I feel like is growing and I’m just glad I can be a part of it and its founding.”

Woman addressing the crowd after a musical performance.