BEEPS Garden

A group of volunteers pose near the BEEPS garden, behind the McGuffey house

About The BEEPS Foundation

The BEEPS Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in the memory of Miami student Rebecca "Beeps" Eldemire, who dedicated her entire life to the care and nurturing of our planet and all of the people and animals.

BEEPS is dedicated to environmental education, sustainable agriculture and infrastructure. In order to achieve these goals, BEEPS supports small environmental projects and creates educational initiatives—such as garden activities—and events that promote BEEPS' work and Becca's legacy.

BEEPS Gardens at Miami

Miami University hosts two BEEPS gardens:

BEEPS butterfly garden at Shideler HallBecca's Butterfly Gardens outside of Shideler Hall display beautiful native plantings that attract a variety of butterflies.

BEEPS garden at McGuffey HouseThe BEEPS Edible Demonstration Garden behind McGuffey House and Museum is an edible garden designed to educate the public about sustainable, native produce and plants.

The BEEPS Edible Demonstration Garden was established in 2017 through the combined efforts of students enrolled in IES 474, the BEEPS Foundation, the McGuffey House and Museum, and Physical Facilities at Miami University. This garden is meant to serve as an educational tool and a model for all those who visit. It is our hope that this garden will encourage and promote sustainable practices, and ultimately inspire you to become an environmental steward.

Please visit and learn from the BEEPS gardens at Shideler and McGuffey House.

Scenes from Summer 2020

Although McGuffey House and Museum remains closed until August, the BEEPS Garden welcomes visitors to the Miami campus. The garden features several native plants, including St. John's Wort, Monarda, blackberry and Echinacea purpurea, along with Paw Paw and Persimmon trees. There is a bench for relaxation and reflection.

MonardaEchinacheaView of the graden

Earth Day 2018

A sincere thank you to all of you who helped celebrate Earth Day by cleaning out, composting and planting annuals in the McGuffey BEEPS garden. Mother Nature cooperated and helped make Saturday a perfect day to remember Becca Eldemire and celebrate environmental conservation on Miami's campus. Thanks also to the amazing David Prytherch for helping make the morning event Uptown a success and to Miami's Grounds staff for bringing compost and mulch.

Our most special appreciation to Marlene, Dean and Josh Eldemire for all you have done to celebrate Becca's life. Your strength and continued support inspire all of us to follow Becca's devotion to making a better, sustainable earth.

Students pose in front of a poster advertising the BEEPS garden at McGuffey HouseVolunteers working in the BEEPS gardensteve-gordon-beeps-garden.jpg