New AMAE course to address DEI issues in the Arts

Cultural Equity in the Arts

A new course in the Arts Management & Arts Entrepreneurship program, CCA190C Cultural Equity in the Arts, will be launched in Fall 2022 to engage students in exploring some key issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the arts and cultural sector. The course is designed and taught by Dr. Youngaah Koh, an Assistant Professor in the program.

“I’m very excited about this course. It’s crucial that Arts Management & Arts Entrepreneurship students understand the persisting inequities around representation and access in the arts, and are able to take actions to help change the status quo” Dr. Koh said. “Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are relevant to arts managers now more than ever, and are imperative for the long-term viability of arts and cultural organizations, and communities” she said.

Some topics the course will address include the systemic power structure in American society which has contributed to the lack of diversity in the arts; current state of DEI in the arts; issues regarding representation in key areas of operation for arts organizations from programming, human resources, funding, to audience development; and strategies to help improve and advocate for DEI in the arts and cultural sector. Students will consider their identity and personal biases based on introspection and in consideration of intersectionality.

After its inaugural offering in the program, the course will be proposed as a new Miami Global Plan Perspectives course for Fall 2023 which fulfills a DEI requirement under the Global Citizenship Category.   

For questions or more information about the course, email Dr. Koh at