CEC Departmental Advisory Boards

Speaker at the CEC External Advisory Council meeting

The College of Engineering and Computing's Departmental Advisory Boards are comprised of men and women from business, industry, government, health care professions, and other higher education institutions. The Advisory Boards assists the departments in maintaining and improving the quality of programs and curricula by ensuring that they are relevant and meeting the needs of society.

2021 Fall Meeting (in-person) - Friday, October  22, 2021   

8:00am - 9:30am (eastern)     Marcum Center

Breakfast Buffet and Opening Remarks - Beena Sukumaran, Dean

Departmental meetings will begin at 10am in their respective areas.  More details to follow.   

For questions: 

Chemical, Paper, Biomedical Engineering:  Laurie Edwards - guestl@miamioh.edu     

Computer Science & Software Engineering:  Patty Strecker - streckpm@miamioh.edu     

Electrical & Computer Engineering:  Tina Carico - caricotl@miamioh.edu     

Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering:  Christy Perry-Owens - heinricc@miamioh.edu     


A block of 8 rooms has been reserved at the Marcum Center for Thursday, Oct 21 under the name CEC External Advisory Council.  To reserve a room please call 529-6911 before Oct 7th.


The dean's presentations are password protected, As a member of your departmental advisory board you may gain access. Please contact cec@miamioh.edu for the link.