Chair's Welcome

Dr. Jim Kiper

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering where our students are involved in a variety of exciting learning experiences.

I have never seen so much demand for our students – as full time employees when they graduate and as interns in the summers before graduation. I receive information weekly from companies about jobs and internships. Our recent graduates are working in a wide variety of companies including local ones like Procter and Gamble, General Electric, etc. Other students are at Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. Some of our alumni are working in consulting firms in which they travel each week to other cities; others work in their hometowns; some in large cities across the nation, and, increasingly, around the world.

Our students are involved in a wide variety of activities including, of course, interesting classes, a variety of clubs, service projects, concerts, and sporting events. One of our students was in the university steel band; others are varsity athletes. There is a group of students who regularly play board and video games in our building. Students have participated in a game jam in which they spend a weekend creating a new video game. During Start-up Weekend, students have explored entrepreneurial ideas by creating business plans that are critiqued by experts. Some students participate in a collegiate programming contest, competing against universities like Ohio State, Carnegie-Mellon, and University of Toronto.

We encourage our students to work with faculty in their research projects. Our students have helped to create the Miami app for iPhone and Android; student projects have created a system to provide live tracking of the Miami buses. Several students have been involved with the HIVE, the world’s largest virtual environments. Students have helped develop an augmented reality app for smart phones in which a smart phone’s camera is used to scan and identify misplaced library books.

In Computer Science and Software Engineering, our professors believe in experiential learning. Many of our classes, particularly the courses in the first two years are taught in a laboratory setting. Our building has very well equipped lab-classrooms that we use for this purpose. Throughout our curriculum, we involve our students in team projects. In the senior year, all of our students participate in a team-based capstone project in which they design and build a large software system.

Our graduates are making a difference in the world through their jobs, in their consulting to solve business problems, as they travel the world, in their contributions to improve the lives of people around the world.