Mike Stahr

Professor Mike Stahr

Assistant Lecturer

015 Benton

Mike is a graduate of Georgetown University where he majored in sociology and a theology minor. After graduating, Mike taught adult computer programming classes and accepted a full-time teaching position at JFK High School in New York where he taught computer programming, psychology, health and theology. At the time, he was also ranked 42nd in the world for the mile so it was a natural decision for him to also accept the head XC and Track coaching position. After retiring from track and field, Mike was offered the first developer position at a small computer software company in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho building a 3D CAD system which today is one of the leading architecture programs on the market. Mike’s passion for teaching brought him to Cincinnati where he taught theology and computer programming at Purcell Marion High School. By the end of the year, Mike was accepting a graduate assistantship at Miami University where he earned a master’s degree in systems analysis. Mike has worked in many industries as a software engineer, and has been teaching at Miami University since 1996.