CSE 617 Advanced Networks (3 credits)

Catalog description:

Study of advanced networking techniques, client/server programming, and distributed processing. Critical analysis of these areas develops as students learn the strengths and weaknesses of these technologies through assigned programming projects.


CSE 608 or equivalent.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the client/server programming methods including its strengths and weakness
  • Compare various distributed processing techniques
  • Describe the basic techniques behind web-service based application development
  • Articulate and design appropriate architectural solutions for various problems
  • Analyze networks and identify common problems and solutions for creating distributed applications

Required Topics (approximate weeks allocated):

  • Network Programming (3)
    • Review of socket programming
    • Broadcast, multicast and streams
    • Quality of service
    • Multiplayer network programming techniques
  • Client/Server Programming (3)
    • Daemons, threads, monitors, pipes
    • Web Services
    • Thick and Thin client programming
  • Distributed Programming (4)
    • RPC, RMI and messaging applications
    • Synchronization
    • Monitors and parallelism
    • Caching and federation techniques
  • Security (1)
  • Parallel computing solutions (2)
    • Peer parallelism, grid computing
    • Distributed synchronization techniques to solve large computing problems.
  • Additional topics may include designing solutions utilizing Xwindows, winFrame and Remote Desktop applications
  • Final Project Presentation (1)
  • Examinations (1)