Force-Add Request

CSE courses

Force-add requests for CSE courses must be submitted using the Registration Override Request (ROR) application.  To submit a request:

  1. Use the courses of instruction section of the Miami Bulletin to make sure you have met the pre/co-requisite requirements for the course.  If not, see Note 1 below.
  2. Make sure your request(s) will not have the potential to create a time conflict in your schedule (see Note 2 below).
  3. Log in to the Miami course list to search for the CSE course.
  4. Once you find the CSE course, click "submit registration override request".
  5. Follow the instructions and submit the request.

Note 1:  If you want to take an CSE course but have not met all of the pre/co-requisite requirements, you must request permission by submitting a petition to the CSE Department.  If you have questions about the petition process, see your academic advisor.  Without an approved petition, you might still end up being added to the course by the ROR application, but then you may be removed from the course at a later time (possibly after the course has started) when it may be difficult or impossible to find a replacement course. 

Note 2:  It is your responsibility to submit requests that do not create time conflicts in your schedule.  The ROR application does not guarantee that.  If fulfilling one or more of your ROR requests results in a time conflict, it is your responsibility to take action to resolve it.  Otherwise, you may be removed from one or more courses later (possibly after the course has started), and by then it may be difficult or impossible to find a replacement course.