Research Labs

group of students working in an electrical engineering lab

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department has numerous research facilities for students and faculty. One of the labs, the Communications/Red Blade Team room, 275 EGB, was used to build the autonomous robot named RedBlade. The RedBlade team took first in a national snowplow competition and placed high in an autonomous lawn mower competition. This lab recently obtained a circuit board manufacturing machine that will allow students to be able to make their own circuit board.

In addition to the robotics lab, the Wireless Communications Research Lab, room 271 EGB, is where Dr. Donald Ucci conducts his communication system research. The lab contains a "Quiet Box" which assures that no outside signals from other technology can enter the box while research is being conducted.

Other research labs are used for various other undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research. These include:

  • Sensor Integration Research Lab:  253 EGB
  • Software Receiver Research Lab:  269 EGB
  • Biomedical Signal Processing Research Lab:  272 EGB