Engineering Management

Engineering management offers an interdisciplinary approach to address the complexities in today's workplace. Many of today's highly competitive global businesses require employees that have a solid technical background complemented with business knowledge and a foundation in liberal education. The Engineering Management program includes courses in engineering, business, science, mathematics, and the liberal arts and is designed to help you develop engineering and business expertise, social awareness, and interpersonal communication skills. Students earn a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree.

Number 17. Best schools for engineering management, Great Business Schools, 2021

Features of Miami’s program

Admission Requirements

There are no additional admission requirements for the engineering management major. Once admitted to Miami, a student merely selects Engineering Management and the desired concentration.


The engineering management curriculum consists of an engineering core, a business core, and in-depth study in a technical engineering concentration area. The business core consists of 21 credit hours in a variety of fundamental areas of business. Students select and complete one of the following engineering concentrations: Electronics and Computing; Environmental Engineering; Manufacturing Engineering; and Paper Science and Engineering. See Concentrations and Coursework for more information.

Top-notch facilities

Engineering management majors use our top-notch lab facilities that are available to all students in the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC).  Laboratory experiences bridge theory and practice, and help students apply their math, science, and engineering skills to a variety of “real-world” projects through hands-on and experiential learning. 


Working together is emphasized as essential for the problem-solving skills that are required in engineering. Students learn to work together with fellow students and faculty and to become a contributing member of a team.

What can I do with this major?

Engineering Management graduates are qualified to fill technical positions that require interaction with business aspects such as operations, purchasing, personnel, accounting, and marketing. Examples of such positions include consultant, operations supervisor, technical sales, supply chain manager, environmental protection, technology analyst, quality control engineer, and many others.

Graduates are in demand

The placement rate for our graduates is consistently near 100 percent. A large majority of EGM students also work in an internship during their time as a Miami student, which often helps them secure a full-time position when they graduate. Some of the companies that have hired engineering management graduates in the last several years include: Gentex Corporation, MOOG, SCA Americas, Schneider Electric, Ariel Corporation, Honda of America Manufacturing, BASF, J. P. Morgan Chase & Co, and General Motors.

Contact information

Each student majoring in engineering management will have an advisor in the department most closely related to the selected concentration area. For more information about the specific concentration areas in Engineering Management, please contact the Engineering Management Advisor in the home department of the concentration area, as listed below:

  • Electronics and Computing - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Keisha Norris, 261 Garland Hall, 513-529-3769,
  • Environmental Engineering - Department of Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Catherine Almquist, 64J Engineering Building, 513-529-0767,
  • Manufacturing Engineering - Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Mr. John Richter, 56 Engineering Building, 513-529-0710,
  • Paper Science and Engineering - Department of Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Catherine Almquist, 64J Engineering Building, 513-529-0767,