Senior Capstone

All students in the College of Engineering and Computing take a capstone course in their major. Students completing the HE&C minor must complete a capstone that is pre-approved or designated as counting towards the HE&C minor. Some examples of past capstone projects that would qualify are:


  • Water Sanitation
  • May We Help – Trampoline harness for therapy of physically disabled child
  • Moringa Protein Sand Filter for Water Purification

CSEstudents with their solar desalination project

  • Eye-tracking HFOSS project; allows people with movement impairments to control computer mouse by eye movement.
  • Campus navigation app (intended to be accessible to the blind)


  • Smart Grid Model Emulation
  • Automatic Analysis of Electrocardiogram
  • Solar-Powered Battery Charger
  • Capacitive Deionization Water Purifier


  • Braille Reader
  • Pediatric Robotics
  • Wheel Chair Design
  • Polymer for Implants