Dr. Zhijiang (Justin) Ye receives 2021 STLE Early Career Award

Dr. Zhijiang (Justin) Ye is an assistant professor at Miami University who has recently received the 2021 STLE Early Career Award. 

Ye joined Miami’s faculty in 2016 and works in the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering department. Outside of work, Ye enjoys taking photos of nature, landscapes and wildlife, as well as going fishing.

Ye received this award for his outstanding tribology research and the contributions he has made in the field. The research he conducted focused on applying multiscale simulations and experiments to investigate the tribological phenomenon at nanoscale.

“We have so many exciting research projects going on in my research groups and we have a team of students, including undergraduate and graduate, helping. We have some really exciting progress on builds,” Ye said.

Ye was honored to be recommended and his research group is the first whose focus is purely on tribological research at Miami. He is very active in tribology organizations, has chaired and organized a few national and international conferences and has presented the latest findings of their research to the community. Ye and his research group have really helped put Miami on the map of the tribology community which is why he has been chosen to receive the Early Career Award.

There will be a STLE 2022 Annual Meeting in May that Ye will be attending in Orlando, Florida, as well as an award ceremony where he will be recognized in-person. 

By Gabby Benedict, CEC Reporter