2018 Commencement

Congratulations Class of 2018 Congratulations Class of 2018


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Brandon BrooksPhiladelphia Eagles guard and Miami University alumnus Brandon Brooks ’11 will address graduates and families at Miami University’s 179th Spring Commencement ceremony. Brooks, an integral part of the team that won the 2018 Super Bowl, was named to the NFL’s Pro Bowl this season. Beyond his athletic accomplishments, Brooks’ community involvement, continued pursuit of advanced higher education, and public support for mental health awareness distinguish him among other NFL stars.

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Students wearing plastic rain ponchos and red graduation caps and gowns smile and laugh as it rains
Students wearing clear ponchos in the rain give a thumbs up and peace sign.
Three graduating students in rain ponchos take a selfie
A graduating student covers his head with a rain poncho and smiles in the rain
 Three smiling students huddle under an umbrella
A student gives the hang loose sign with his hands as he stands in the rain at commencement
A student in a cap and gown stands above the crowd and waves to her parents
Yager stadium is full with graduating students, friends and family. The sky overhead is half grey and overcast, half clear blue.
 President Greg high-fives a graduating senior
A service dog in training wears a graduation cap as he lays next to his trainer–a graduating 4-paws volunteer
Brandon Brooks gives the 2018 commencment speech
A crowd of students cheer as their friends and family sit in the stands
 Graduate students walk down the center row at the end of the ceremony
A graduate student hugs her daughter, smiling and crying
Students smile and hug
Three students smile and hold decorated graduation caps
 Two students in caps and gowns smile