Divisional Diversity Officers Leadership Council

Divisional Diversity Officers Leadership Council

In the spirit of supporting and coordinating DEI efforts across the university, the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion has launched three new key DEI Councils (the Academic Officers Leadership Council, Student DEI Council, and the Divisional Officers Leadership Council). The goals of this Council are to identify, discuss and support unit-based and cross-unit efforts; develop new collaborative ways forward to foster inclusive excellence; share and coordinate programming; identify and proactively support the work and ongoing professional development of DEI leaders; provide a space for those directly engaged in DEI work to constructively discuss challenges and opportunities, and ensure broad-based input and discussions about university-wide DEI planning and strategies. This Council and the Academic Officers Leadership Council (DEI officers representing academic colleges) complement one another and will meet together once per semester to discuss possible forms of collaboration to move forward DEI.The full description of our DEI Officer descriptions can be found in their Roles, Expectations, and Responsibilities



Student Life

Dasha Wood,
Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion

Finance and Business Services

Mark Taylor
Chief Procurement Officer


Information Technology Services

Sean Poley
Director, Accessible Technology

University Communications and Marketing

Christian Ponce
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications


Enrollment Management and Student Success

Kathy Gutheil
Director, Office of International and Transfer Admission