Message from the VP

Message from the Interim Vice President

Dr. Anthony G James, Jr

Dr. Anthony James
Interim V.P. for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, Associate Professor and Director of Family Science and Social Work

Welcome to Miami University!

As interim VP of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, my role is to champion diversity and inclusion across the many elements of the Miami University community. This work is guided by the principles found in our Mission Statement, Values Statement, and Code of Love and Honor, which affirms our goal of ensuring that each member of the Miami community has an opportunity to be included in every aspect of the campus experience.

There are many ways to promote diversity and inclusion, which includes but is not limited to formal curriculum, volunteer experiences, programming, learning communities, intergroup dialogue, and many others. An essential role of this office is to aid in achieving a deeper understanding of cultural differences through creating and sustaining a campus environment that supports learning, development, and engagement between members of the community and external partners.

This goal challenges us to strive for attracting, supporting, and maintaining diverse students, faculty, and staff, especially those that have faced significant barriers to fully accessing higher education. Achieving inclusive excellence in such a context requires the development of a psychological and behavioral culture that is supportive and respectful of all members of the Miami community. This is a surmountable task that requires each of us to be willing to continually work towards.  

I urge you to explore this website and get involved by joining us in various programs, activities, and events throughout the year, across our beautiful campuses and virtually. We also encourage you to share any ideas or best practices for improving diversity and inclusion with this office. Let’s work together to create a climate and culture that reflects our values, beliefs, and deep commitment to diversity and inclusion.

One Miami, Many Voices. Love and Honor.

Interim Vice President of Diversity
Anthony James, Jr.

Reporting Office

Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity (OEEO)
This office provides an equitable environment for students, faculty, and staff and works to achieve this with compassion, understanding, and fairness to all parties involved. The OEEO staff works closely with faculty and staff on matters related to equitable hiring practices, ADA compliance for persons with disabilities, and issues of discrimination as well as providing information and training.