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As part of institutional diversity and inclusion goals, our efforts diligently center on four core areas: recruitment, retention, curriculum and culture. These core areas are addressed through key initiatives that are tailored to faculty, staff, and students and are executed either through programs and support from our office or in collaboration with other university offices, departments, and programs. In addition, we value relationships with our community partners who work with us to promote diversity and inclusion at Miami.

Miami Community Diversity from 2010-2019

Student Diversity

*Per Miami's Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness [Fact Book]

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Retention and Graduation Rates

Retention rates for Oxford Undergraduates

90% First-to-Second Year Retention - Fall 2018 Cohort

  • Female: 91.3%
  • Male: 88.7%
  • Asian: 86.9%
  • Black/African American: 88.5%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 88.5%
  • Two or more races: 88.2%

6-year graduation rate (2013 cohort): 81.9%

  • Black/African American: 72.4%
  • Asian: 81.2%
  • White: 82.7%
  • International: 74.6%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 81.6%

Cohort based on first-time, full-time entering freshmen.

Am. Indian/Alaskan Native graduation rates are excluded because the number of
graduates was below five.

Student Enrollment Diversity By College

College of Arts and Science

cas enrollment

College of Creative Arts

cca enrollment

College of Education, Health, and Society

ehs enrollment

College of Engineering and Computing

cec enrollment

College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science

claas enrollment

Farmer School of Business

fsb enrollment