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EHS Academic Centers and Initiatives

The Dennis L. Carlson Sexuality Studies Center at Miami is unique: It marks Miami as the first institution in the region to provide critical, service-oriented, scholarly programs in sexual education, supporting students, faculty, staff and the community. The SESC allows Miami to uniquely prepare students training for careers in P-12 education, public health, family life education, social work, educational leadership and school psychology in an unparalleled manner.

This center also supports personal development and adds to contemporary conversations that are happening at national levels. In addition, fostering connections with organizations that value sexual health, wellness, informed decision making, prepared citizens and equity within our larger communities is also a priority.

The Discovery Center for Evaluation, Research, & Professional Learning serves as Ohio’s only comprehensive center for research, evaluation, and professional learning in science, mathematics, technology, computer science, and engineering education, dedicated to collaboration, advocacy, and strategic innovation. The Center was established in 2015 through a merger of The Discovery Center and Ohio’s Evaluation & Assessment Center, to build upon a 24-year history of support for improving mathematics and science teaching and learning. As part of the Center’s mission to provide comprehensive, high-quality services to improve teaching and learning and promote equity in opportunity, access, and outcomes for all learners, Discovery Center staff are dedicated to sharing their rich knowledge of research, evaluation, assessment, and professional development with others.

The Doris Bergen Center for Human Development, Learning, and Technology was created in 1990 to promote interdisciplinary research. The Center includes 61 faculty associates from 12 Miami University departments and four university divisions. In addition, the Center has an Advisory Committee comprised of members from a range of government units, community organizations, schools, businesses, and professions.
The Initiative for Community Justice and Wellbeing (ICJW) is a consortium of faculty, staff, and students in the College of Education Health & Society, including university and community partners, who are committed to developing and supporting place-based, culturally responsive initiatives that improve education, health and wellbeing in local communities, and on campus.