Faculty and Staff

Jason Abbitt | Professor and Chair

Sara Maria Acevedo | Assistant Professor

Doris Bergen | Distinguished Professor Emeritus

William Boone | Professor

Margaret Bowman | Visiting Assistant Professor

Kristy Brann | Assistant Professor

Kevin Bush | Professor

Darrel Davis | Professor, Assistant Chair, Educational Psychology Program Coordinator

Mary Denney | Administrative Assistant

Michele DickeyProfessor, Instructional Design and Technology Program Coordinator

Debbie Hansel | Administrative Assistant

Ashley JohnsonSenior Clinical Lecturer, Inclusive Special Education Program Coordinator

Katherine Mezher Assistant Clinical Professor, Graduate Director, School Psychology Program Coordinator

Susan Mosley-Howard | Professor Emeritus

Amity Noltemeyer | Professor & Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Meghann O'Leary | Visiting Assistant Professor

Sujay Sabnis | Assistant Professor

Laura Sigler | Instructor

Aimin Wang | Professor, Sino - American Liaison

Leah Wasburn-Moses | Professor

Sarah WattAssociate Professor, Graduate Special Education Program Coordinator