Individual Professional Development Plan

Purpose: Professional Development is a continuous process throughout the professional life of an educator. It begins upon entrance into teacher education and continues to one’s retirement from the profession. Professional Development for Middle Childhood can take many forms. Professional Development includes activities above and beyond course requirements and that are related to middle childhood. Below is a brief list of possibilities and the category which each would fall under.

Professional Development
Attending Professional Development Volunteerism Reading, Movies, Professional*
Membership in MUCTM
America Reads
Attending School Events
1 article/1 hour
1 book/3 hours
1 movie/2 hours

*Indicates hours above required field experience/required professional development for field experience and readings or movies not required for a course.

There are six key benchmarks that are and will be relevant as delineated below.

  • Overview: Identify and explain the professional development goal(s) of your plan which is/are related to your anticipated areas of licensure in MCE.
  • Objectives: State 1-3 specific objectives to be accomplished by the end of your Content Block with at least one related to the learning of future students and provide a description of how it is linked to AMLE Standards.
  • Description of activities: Briefly describe the activities that will be used to meet the above objective(s). Include all activities for each category i.e. all volunteerism activities should be addressed collectively, not individually.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Explain how the plan demonstrates that you have successfully met your objectives and is relevant to Middle Childhood subject area content, instructional practices and learners, demonstrates a focused sustained effort and is educationally important.
  • Synthesis of Learning: Write a brief paragraph for each category explaining/reflecting on how each supported your professional development toward understanding the teaching/development of young adolescents.
  • Evidence: Documentation of minimum of 20 hours of professional development by the end of Content Block in at least 2 of the 4 categories. Maximum number of hours in 1 category = 3 hours. Your IPDP is a key assessment for Benchmark 2. You cannot proceed in your program without successful completion of this key assessment.

Submission Of IPDP

IPDP will be collected at the end of your Early Field Block and at the end of your Content Block. You may begin collecting IPDP at the beginning of your Early Field Block through the end of your Content Block. IPDP will not be accepted prior to your Early Field Block. You may also collect IPDP over the summer between your Early Field Block and Content Block.

To submit IPDP, you will need the following:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Write-up that addresses the 6 key benchmarks addressed above.
  • Any evidence to support your IPDP
  • Submit to Nazan Bautista, MCE Program Coordinator, 301H McGuffey by the due dates. Do not send via email.

The required forms are listed here as well as a sample write-up and the AMLE Standards.

It is strongly suggested that you include your IPDP in your teaching portfolio.