Endorsements and Emphasis Areas

What is a Generalist Endorsement?

The Middle Childhood Education (MCE) license covers two content areas (from language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies) in grades 4-9. The Generalist Endorsement is an optional add-on that allows a teacher to teach grades 4-5-6 in one or two additional content areas not on the original teaching license.

For example, a teacher licensed in MCE language arts and social studies may add on the Generalist Endorsement for 1) mathematics, 2) science, or 3) both mathematics and science.

MCE Generalist Requirements

Emphasis Areas

The Middle Childhood Education Program, through the Department of Teacher Education, offers three complimentary “Emphasis Areas” that allow interested students to gain additional experience and expertise in a field related to teaching. Students are able to select one or more of these Emphasis Areas, and in the process of completing the selected Area’s requirements, increase their overall teaching competency and marketability.  All three areas have been identified in the teaching literature and by local school districts as skill sets highly sought by competitive school districts. The three Emphasis Areas are:

  • TELLs (Teaching English Language Learners)
  • Urban Cohort
  • International/Global Education

Teaching English Language Learners (TELLs)

Teaching English Language Learners (TELLs) Certificate provides undergraduate teacher licensure candidates the knowledge, skills, and experiences that will prepare them to meet the challenges of English language learners in their classrooms. The TELLs Certificate consists of an infusion portfolio, field-based experiences with language learners, a three-course focus sequence and a cultural and social justice course. Open to all teacher licensure majors.

For additional information on how to complete this Certificate Program, contact Dr. Jeannie Ducher (ducherj@miamioh.edu) in the Department of Teachers Education.

Urban Cohort

The Urban Cohort is a community-based approach to teacher education. Miami faculty and Urban Cohort students collaborate with high-need schools and community-based organizations to prepare teachers who are grounded in the life of the community.

For additional information on admission and requirements of this program click on the link above or contact Dr. Tammy Schwartz (schwarta@miamioh.edu) in the Department of Teachers Education.


The following requirements are necessary to earn a Global Emphasis Certificate from the Department of Teacher Education:

Global Emphasis Certificate Requirements
Area Activity (Students must complete at least one requirement in 4 of the following 5 areas)


  • test out at the 202 level or above
  • take at least two language courses while at Miami University

Miami Plan Global Requirement

  • 9 hours of MP G courses (Foundation III) in addition to   the study abroad requirement
  • complete a MP G-Cluster
  • an identified global capstone course

Global Seminars


  • two global seminars prior to student teaching    (1 credit-hour each – contact Dr. Shiveley for offerings)

Class Extensions/

Global Immersions

  • at least two global class extensions (pre-approved by advisor)
  • at least two program-approved global plunges

Travel Abroad


  • at least one course-related travel abroad experience (MUDEC; student teaching; thematic sequence; capstone; Ambassadors for Children; international workshop; etc.)

For more information on this Global Emphasis Area, please contact Dr. James Shiveley (shiveljm@miamioh.edu).