Thelma Horn

Thelma HornProfessor

202J Phillips Hall

Ph.D., Michigan State University
M.A., Western Michigan University
B.A., Calvin College

Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Horn's primary research focus is to examine if and how the behavior and psychosocial growth of children, adolescents, and young adults in sport and physical activity contexts is affected by significant others (e.g., coaches, parents, teammates) in their social environment.

Courses Taught

KNH 272: Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership in Sport Contexts
KNH 4/538: Principles of Effective Coaching
KNH 621: Research Foundations in Kinesiology and Health
KNH 673: Developmental Perspectives on Youth Sport Participation

Recent Publications

Horn, T.S. (2016). Actively caring coaching for young athletes. In E.S. Gellar (Ed.), Applied Psychology: Actively caring for people (pp. 535-563). NY: Cambridge University Press.

Horn, T.S., Lox, C., & Labrador, F. (2015). The self-fulfilling prophecy theory: When coaches' expectations become reality. In J. M. Williams & V. Krane (Eds), Applied sport psychology: Personal growth to peak performance (7th Ed.) (pp 78-100). NY: McGraw-Hill. 

Horn, T.S. (2015). Social psychological and developmental perspectives on early sport specialization. Kinesiology Review, 4, 248-266.

Lewis, P., Kimiecik, J., Horn, T., Zullig, K.J., & Ward, R.M. (2014). Can becoming myself influence my health?: Exploring the effects of a eudaimonic-enhancement process on psychological indicators of well-being and physical activity. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 9, 643-665. 

Martin, E.M. & Horn, T.S. (2013). The role of athletic identity and passion in predicting burnout in adolescent female athletes. The Sport Psychologist, 27, 338-348. 

Works in Progress

Horn, T.S. & Newton, J.L. (chapter under revision). Developmental perspectives on motivated behavior. In T.S. Horn & A. Smith (Eds.). Advances in Sport and Exercise Psychology (4th ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

Newton, J., Horn, T.S., Evers, J. & Hengehold, E. (in progress). The effects of school type and athlete status on the self-perceptions of high school females. 

Frasher, C., Horn, T.S., & Kovach, M. (in progress). Examining links between organizational leadership culture, emotional intelligence, and motivational orientation in military recruits. 

In the News

Youth Sport Pt. 2 - The Profound Impact of Coaches | Ep 58

On this episode, we continue the conversation around youth sport. This time, by looking at the role that coaches play. And how their feedback and bias and expectations, can have an overwhelming impact on the performance and development of so many young athletes. 

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