students working with the anatomage machine

Miami’s KNH Department offers five majors* and three minors. Our programs are highly regarded by employers, professional schools, and other academic institutions and our graduates go on to rewarding careers.

*Athletic Training

The Athletic Training Program (ATP) is transitioning from a Bachelor’s level program to a Master’s level program. While the Master’s ATP is proposed to launch in fall 2022, below is the Undergraduate timeline for graduation with a BS in Athletic Training.

Timeline for phasing out the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training program:

2018-2019 – Final class eligible for undergraduate program enters Miami University
2019-2020 – Final class begins professional phase of undergraduate program
2020-2021 – Two classes remain in undergraduate program (Juniors and Seniors)
2021-2022 – One class remains in undergraduate program (Seniors)
May 2022 – Final undergraduate class graduates
June 2022 – First graduate class begins program (PROPOSED)

Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education

The Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education is a University requirement for graduation. The course-work emphasizes four basic goals: Thinking Critically, Understanding Contexts, Engaging with Other Learners, and Reflecting and Acting. See the Miami Bulletin for more details.