Assessment and Evaluation


This certificate program addresses two primary goals:

  1. The needs of public and private school personnel to gain skills in collecting, analyzing and interpreting assessment data (e.g. outcome measures) to improve student and school performance.
  2. The needs of stakeholders and decision-makers in both formal and informal educational settings to understand and use a range of evaluation methods for assessing and furthering organizational goals.

Certificate recipients will be able to design a program evaluation, develop tests and surveys, evaluate test and survey data, use a number of appropriate software tools, and be able to access, use and interpret evaluation and assessment databases. Upon completion of the certificate, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of outcome measures.

Student Learning Outcomes

• Students will be able to evaluate unidimensionality with principal component analysis of residuals.

• Students will be able to evaluate instrument functioning through analysis of a Wright Map.

• Students will be able to evaluate the rating scale structure of instruments.

• Students will be able to conduct statistical tests of Rasch person measures.

• Students will be able to inform program evaluation with Rasch techniques.


The certificate provides a coherent set of four graduate-level courses as well as a way for participants to earn formal recognition for their expertise. Courses include EDP 607, EDP 655, EDP 690, and either EHS/EDP 667 or EDL/EDT 648.

For course planning purposes, know that 607, 667, and 648 are offered in the fall semester. 655, 667, and 648 are offered in the spring. 690 and 667 are offered in the summer. Please know that EDP 607 must be completed before EDP 655.

Course Requirements


The Assessment and Evaluation certificate is available to current and newly admitted Miami graduate students, without regard to their degree-seeking status. Current Miami degree-seekers (including combined degree students) apply using the link on the Graduate Student Association Canvas site. All other applicants apply using the Graduate School's application. Students must be admitted to the certificate program prior to taking courses for certification.

Non-Degree/Graduate Certificate applicants must list their undergraduate institution, degree and other relevant information. They must also have earned at least a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate degree GPA. Degree seeking (Masters, Doctoral) applicants must list in chronological order all colleges, universities and professional schools attended (include courses taken and degrees earned at Miami University). On page 3 of the application, applicants will be required to upload transcripts from each institution. Degree-seekers must fulfill all admission requirements set forth on the Graduate School's admission page

Please contact the certificate program director, Professor William Boone for additional information.

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Program tuition and fees are dependent upon residency, term and course of study. Please visit the One Stop website for details regarding tuition and fees.
The Teacher Education Access at Miami (TEAM) Scholarship provides a 50% discount on graduate tuition and fees for Ohio PreK-12 Educators.