Paid STEM Education Internships

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The Miami University Robert Noyce Scholars Program (MU-Noyce) is offering paid summer internships to promising first- and second-year students in science, mathematics and engineering. Internships provide relevant experience to students who are considering applying for the MU-Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program but have not yet fully committed to teaching as a career option.

The MU-Noyce Scholars program, funded by the National Science Foundation and offered jointly through the College of Education, Health and Society and the College of Arts and Science, responds to the critical need for mathematics and science teachers by encouraging promising science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students and STEM professionals to pursue teaching careers in high-needs schools.

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Criteria for Noyce-Sponsored STEM Internship

  • Primary activity includes working with students focused on one or more STEM areas. Working with students in grades 7-12 are preferred but working with younger students (K-8) or multiple grade levels are also acceptable.
  • Secondary activity includes planning for contact time with students
  • Summer participation is full-time*: 40 hours/week ($500/week)  Academic year is part-time*: up to 29 hours/week (up to $250/week)
  • Duration: Full-time participation is up to 4 weeks; part-time participation is 6-8 weeks
  • Designated supervisor on site to evaluate participant performance, verify hours, and report back to Noyce Principal Investigator
  • Participants submit weekly reflections through Canvas to document experiences and learning gains

* What is considered full-time or part-time work may depend on the STEM program for which you will intern so this requirement may be subject to the STEM program requirement. We encourage applicants to provide information from the STEM program to clarify what they consider as full-time and part-time work.

By engaging early in science and mathematics teaching experiences in partner high-needs communities/schools, these MU-Noyce Interns will gain valuable experience and insight into the benefits of a career in STEM teaching. These experiences may lead to continuation in the MU-Noyce program, which can provide undergraduate ($19,500 per year) or graduate ($20,000 per year) scholarships.

For more information about the MU-Noyce program and the internship opportunities available, contact Dr. Nazan Bautista at or Ms. Sara Hayes at

To apply for MU-Noyce Internship, you must:

  • Submit a personal statement of interest highlighting reasons you are considering entering the teaching profession
  • Complete an online application
  • Attend an interview

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