EHS Facilities

The College of Education, Health and Society's "home" on campus is within McGuffey Hall, Phillips Hall, and Laws Hall. Extensive use of technology is apparent throughout our College, from state-of-the-art electronic classrooms to the integration of new, up-to-date systems, software and learning tools.

Classrooms are equipped with integrated computer and media systems including a projector, Windows computer, document camera, and Starboard screen. These classroom systems also enable an instructor to use USB jump drives/storage devices and plug their laptop into the system to take advantage of the projector and media system. We continually work to update and enhance our instructional spaces to allow for the highest level of technological integration.

McGuffey 322

McGuffey 322 is an auditorium, classroom, and multiple group meeting area. It is equipped with an integrated computer and media system but also has microphones, loud speakers, a lighting system and a 50” smart board plasma screen.

McGuffey 224

McGuffey 224 is a distance learning classroom equipped with distance connection equipment, microphones, speakers and conference camera to enable real-time interaction between participants on and off campus.

McGuffey 214 (Engaging Technology Lab)

The Engaging Technology Lab (ETL) is a state-of-the-art lab used by students and faculty, both independently and collaboratively, to explore how technology can transform teaching and learning. The lab is designed to help students become technology pioneers in their fields and to learn to make games that can make a difference in someone's life.

Mursion Lab

Mursion is a mixed-reality teaching environment that supports teacher practice in pedagogy and content. In the lab, pre-service and in-service teachers walk into a simulated middle-school classroom where the room is real but the students are digital avatars. The virtual students controlled by real trainers are made to act like typical (or atypical) pre-teens, depending on the objectives of the experience. Each student’s personality is based upon those typically encountered in a middle school classroom.  

McGuffey 121 (Accessible Classroom)

Housed in McGuffey Hall, but available to all professors and students across campus who can request the room through Student Disability Services, the Inclusive Classroom features automatic push-button doors and a touch teaching station that eliminates a traditional standing podium.

KNH Labs

The Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Health has several lab spaces to enhance the student learning experience.

More Information

All classrooms are managed by our Technology Office. They are responsible for all maintenance and installation issues pertaining to hardware and software. Any software need must be directed to classroom services and requires two weeks notice for testing, licensing and installation.