Mursion Lab

TeachLIVE Lab

Mursion is a mixed-reality teaching environment that supports teacher practice in pedagogy and content. In the Mursion Lab, pre-service and in-service teachers walk into a simulated middle-school classroom where the room is real but the students are digital avatars. The virtual students controlled by real trainers are made to act like typical (or atypical) pre-teens, depending on the objectives of the experience. Each student’s personality is based upon those typically encountered in a middle school classroom.  

What are the benefits?

In the traditional teaching environment we make use of real students to help novice teachers become better educators. In a virtual teaching environment novice teachers can make mistakes without impacting real students, and they can repeat the experience until they become effective educators.

For teacher candidates who have what it takes but also have plenty to learn about teaching in practice, the Mursion lab affords them the perfect environment in which to make mistakes and improve.