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Space Systems Entry Level Software Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory

The Space Data and Software Systems Group (ISR-3) is seeking a highly motivated, entry-level Software Scientist to join our Data Processing Management and Product Team. In close collaboration with cross-disciplinary project teams of other scientists and engineers, you will develop custom software for data processing and analysis from Los Alamos measurement systems that are deployed around the globe and into space.

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Photo of child in classroom "Miami Community Connect"

Community Connect

Community Connect helps students, faculty and staff search for community engagement opportunities. Nonprofit and other civic organizations post volunteer needs online. 

Fraudulent Job Postings

Have you or a friend applied for what seemed like a legitimate job/internship only to receive a reply from the employer asking for money or personal information in order to proceed with the application process? Employers should never ask for money at any time during the application process. Read the articles below to learn how to evaluate job postings and employers to see if they are legitimate.

If you receive an email or information about a job/internship and you have questions regarding its validity, please contact the Center for Career Exploration and Success (513-529-3831 or careercenter@MiamiOH.edu).

Students Connecting with Employers

Kristen TuckerKristen Tucker ’20

“In my Marketing 291 honors class sophomore year, we did a client project for Abercrombie & Fitch where we got to present at their home office in Columbus, OH! This past year at Career Fair, I was able to reconnect with the recruiter who ran the project the year before.

“From there, I interviewed with them twice at the Career Center and then at their office in Columbus before I accepted an offer as a Business Analyst intern for this upcoming summer!”